Friday, March 12, 2021

What's In My Hospital Bag

The time is nearing for Baby J to get here and I could not be more excited! I have waited 4 years for this moment and to say I am super happy, nervous, and ready is an understatement! Who knew someone could feel so many things at once!

Due to my gestational Diabetes I am going to be induced week 39 which is a week and half away! So with that being said I had to do my hospital bag sooner than later. After doing a ton of research, looking at other gals blog posts and youtube videos, I have come up with what I feel is my perfect hospital bag.  So without further adieu, let's dive in! 


  • Carry-on suitcase by Samsung. If you’re looking to minimize how many compartments you take with you to the hospital, this carry-on is your best friend.  It has 3 pockets built in to help keep all your essentials organized.  I love this bag for traveling as well! 
  • Cozy Button up PJ.  I got one from amazon that is super soft and breastfeeding friendly.  I also got it in a dark color because momma’s recommended it due to body fluids going all over the place and can stain easily.  I wanted something that was affordable just in case I need to throw it away after.
  • Robe. Perfect for after the shower or lounging around after the baby is born. 
  • Socks with grips.  I am taking 3 just in case I am asked to stay longer at the hospital due to my high risk pregnancy.
  • Shower flip flops. Last thing I need to worry about is foot fungus! I got some cheap ones from Walmart so I can take them in the shower.
  • Slip-on sandals. I got these cute rainbow ones, since he is a rainbow baby, but also I wanted something I can slip on real quick with or without socks.
  • Nursing Bras. Obviously the baby needs easy access to my breast so I found these that had really great reviews and looked like a shirt underneath my PJs and going home outfit.
  • Going home outfit.  I opted for a dress just in case I need a C-section plus I really don’t want anything tight down south plus it has easy access for breastfeeding.  I am taking a backup dress just in case as well! Body fluids can be uncontrollable after giving birth so better to be prepared. 
  • Water flask.  H2O is your best friend when giving birth so def bringing a flask that can keep my water icy cold!
  • Disposable face mask.  I feel I can breathe easily with these but my hospital also provides their own disposable mask so I will most likely be wearing the one they provide. 
  • Hair Ties + Brush.  I know when I get hot the hair must go up, so I will be bringing some cute scrunchies.
  • Lip Balm.  Hospitals can be cold and dry so I will need this plus a lot of you ladies recommended them in instagram! 
  • Nipple Cream.  You never know how breastfeeding can go so I will be prepared. 
  • Organic bamboo Nursing Breast pads.  In case Baby J decides to go to town on my breast I heard this will help with the discomfort of raw boobies. 
  • Haakaa. I may or may not produce colostrum, the liquid gold, but a Haaka can help collect it if it does decide to flow while at the hospital. 
  • Toiletries + Makeup.  I am keeping these two very simple, you know the basics for showering and minimal makeup for the day we go home.
  • Frida Disposable underwear + Peri-Bottle.  I know the hospital provides most of the things you need including these but I just read such great reviews on these two I wanted to make sure to bring them just in case what the hospital provides isn’t comfortable. 

The things I opted out were hospital essentials such as tucks, pads, ice packs, etc.  Everyone always said the hospital provides them so why bother bringing every single little thing.  


  • Boppy Pillow.  Perfect for breastfeeding and for the hubby to be able to easily hold baby J.
  • Spectra Breast Pump.  A lactation specialist can sometimes stop by to teach you how to use your breast pump so I will be taking my Spectra breast pump so I can become a master at using it. 
  • Diaper Bag.  To bring home all the baby essentials the hospital provides. 
  • Onesies.  I am only bringing two and both are different sizes because I don’t know how big Baby J is going to be so I wanted to have some options. I also heard most of the time they don’t really dress them because they need to check them periodically and with my gestational diabetes I feel he is going to be monitored like a hawk because they can be born with low blood sugar so that’s why I am not going crazy in the clothing department for him.
  • Announcement nameplate.  I got mine from amazon and is set and ready to go! All we have to add is the date, pounds, and ounces! 
  • Announcement outfit.  I opted for a swaddle and hat for him that I found super cute at Target.  I can’t wait for yall to meet him! 
  • Going home outfit. My grandmother sent me his first outfit from Colombia so I am so excited for him to wear it and take cute pictures in! 
  • Burp cloths. You never know things can get messy so better to be prepared. 
  • White noise machine.  I read this can help with the first night so I figured it doesn't hurt to bring along! 
  • Hats, Socks & Mittens.  Since they are swaddled most of the time with just a diaper, I read hats, socks, and mittens can help keep him warm, scratch free from their long fingernails, and accessible for the nurse. 
  • Swaddle/Blanket.  I will bring these to help swaddle him while we are there and on the way home. 
  • Evenflo Pivot Carseat.  Because obviously they won't let you bring him home unless you have a car seat! 


  • Blanket + Pillow.  You never know how long delivery can be and I heard the spouses can get cold since our hormones are so wild.
  • Sweater.  For keeping warm and comfy.
  • Tennis shoes.  My hubby specifically enjoys a good tennis shoe so he will be wearing some that are comfy.
  • T-shirt, socks, and underwear.  Once again with my high risk pregnancy anything can happen so better to be prepared for a several day stay. 
  • Toiletries.  We will share most of these but he has specific toothpastes and face wash he likes so we packed those up for him. 


  • Extra long charging cords.  I got a pack of 3 on Amazon to make sure we each charge our phones + Ipad.
  • Ipad. Just in case one of us can’t sleep, we don't disrupt each other. 
  • Headphones.  For the same reason above :) 
  • Vlogging Camera. I don’t know if I will be vlogging but it doesn't hurt to bring a small one just in case we want to capture bits and pieces. 
  • Tripod.  I would like to capture the actual birth, from a PG angle of course, but once again anything can happen and I don’t know how much I’ll actually film.
  • Olympus Camera with 45MM lens. This camera acts as a DSLR which is great because I really don’t feel like bringing along a huge camera.I know I want cute pictures and thank goodness my hubby has had 11 years of practice taking my photo, that I have no doubt he will be able to capture some wonderful photos of baby J.   
  • JBL clip on speaker.  Music may or may not be played, we shall see, but I want to at least have the option and these clip ons are small enough to pack and bring along.


  • Snacks.  Having gestational diabetes is tough when it comes to snacking because the hospitals, funny enough, don’t always have the best snacks.  And this I know from experience when I recently had to go due to high blood pressure. They had nothing I could eat or even drink diabetic friendly.  So I am going to make healthy snack packs and keep them refrigerated ready to go just in case baby J decides to make an impromptu appearance in the next couple of weeks. 
  • ID and insurance card.  Because you know they need this info asap.

Overall I really tried to keep it as minimal as possible but you can never be over prepared.  I am so ready and excited to meet baby J.  It has been quite a journey but God has blessed us and I can’t wait for y'all to meet him.  What else do you recommend I add to the list?  I’d love to know! Like always remember to dream big, be brave, and explore life! Until next time, MUAK! XO



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