Wednesday, May 1, 2019

5 Tips on How to Thrift-Store Shop for Costumes & Disney Dapper Day.

Disney’s Dapper Day was a blast this past weekend! If there is one thing I love doing, it’s dressing up in costumes and Dapper Day is the perfect excuse for that.  I started to search for my outfit well in advance because I always try to thrift it! My love for dressing up doesn’t have to break the bank.  Finding the perfect costume/outfit can take time but alas I always do!

Ever since I was little, I loved dressing up.  I would always create costumes from clothes I had in my wardrobe and once I got old enough to shop I started to thrift them.  Thrift stores have the most authentic and beautiful gems if you just search for that one key item you need to complete your outfit or even build an outfit from scratch!  Not only can you save money but you also help reduce fast fashion, toxic waste, and one-time use costumes from going into the landfills!

Like any party or special occasion, you always know when the date is going to be. Here are a few tips and tricks I use to get that perfect outfit and not break the bank.
  1. Envision your outfit from head to toe what you want to wear or dress up as. For example, for Dapper Day I knew I wanted a Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse inspired outfit so I envisioned what my outfit would look like and started thinking what type of accessories I would need, what colors to look for, and set a budget to stick to.
  2. The key to costume shopping is to give yourself a lot of time to search for the perfect pieces.  For this years Dapper Day, I found out the date 3 months ago and started searching for my pieces immediately! It is going to take time to find the perfect items so be prepared to hit the stores quite often.
  3. By thrifting your costume, you save a lot of money but also look out for sales at your local thrifts stores! My local Salvation Army does 50% off Wednesdays so every Wednesday I would go and shop the racks! Some days I would walk out empty handed and others I would find just what I needed. 
  4. Be very patient.  It takes time to thrift the perfect costume.  It’s always easier to just buy it on Amazon but think about the effects it has on our planet in the long run!  By thrifting, even if you use it once, you can always donate it back! This way someone else can enjoy it just as much you did!
  5. Be flexible! Sometimes you can’t find that perfect dress or that perfect accessory so be willing to change the idea or theme behind your costume. Always have a second idea in mind. There have been some occasions where I had envisioned a certain outfit but ended up changing it because I found something better!  

For my Steamboat Willie Inspired outfit the dress was thrifted at my local Salvation Army and only cost me $4 bucks! Talk about a deal! My belt I already had at home and although it wasn't exactly what I had in mind it worked with the outfit (this is where I was flexible 😉).  If you’re going to buy new stuff, get things that you know you can use again with different costumes.  In this case I bought my white gloves and black shoes because I knew I could use them at another Dapper Day.  The colors are neutral that they can match anything! My petticoat coat I bought 2 years ago and I still use every time I go to Dapper Day. I even used it for my Halloween costume last year as Frankenstein's Bride! I am 100% sure I will use it again at another Dapper Day in the Fall.

I hope you found some of these tips helpful and dare to search for that perfect costume.   You’d be surprised the treasures you can find at thrift stores. Not only can you save money, you're also helping the planet by reducing fast fashion, toxic waste, and one-time costumes being thrown in landfills. I even re-use many of my pieces in my everyday wardrobe!  I leave you with some photos of the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, hope you enjoy them!


Remember to Dream Big, Be Brave, & Explore Life! Until next time healthy beauty!


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