Friday, May 17, 2019

The Green Beauty Tag!

After seeing Reagan Hart do this video I knew I had to get on board because I love getting know more about the green beauty community I follow. I share with you how I started my green beauty journey, what I skincare and makeup products I love, and what I hope to achieve in this community.

I get a lot of questions on my makeup looks in videos that I figured moving forward I want to break it down in my blog posts. So here is my first makeup break down.


Ecobrow in Liz

Hynt Beauty Suite Eye Palette in Sweet Nectar. The brown in the outer corner, orange all over the lid, and the highlighting color in the brow bone. 

Clove + Hollow Hydratint Blush Serum in Georgia on the cheek 

Han Skincare Cosmetics Illuminator to highlight cheek bone in Champagne 

Hope you enjoy the video and getting to know my journey a bit more! Remember to Dream Big, Be Brave, & Explore Life! Until next time healthy beauty! *Some Links are Affiliate Links!*


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