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Inspired Camila Coelho Met Gala Makeup look. CLICK HERE for full tutorial.

The Met Gala is my favorite event of the year (besides the Oscars of course). It’s always so fun seeing what everyone wears and also what makeup risks people take! This year there were so many makeup looks I absolutely loved that I want to share with you my favs.

The first category is what I call the EXTRA makeup look. It’s that type of makeup look that you would only wear to this event and halloween because you want it to be known you came to slay! The best two for me were Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid. It was all about the lashes for both these looks. It was so unique and such a risk but perfect for this event. I loved them both! It’s not everyday you can wear lashes like these and get away with it. 

Makeup Artist Erin Parson used feathers as lashes and individually placed them one at a time, AMAZING!
Makeup by Sarah Nicole Tanno

The second category is what I would expect at the Met Gala, breaking rules and edgy vibes! Some of my favorites were Lily Collins with that purple eyeshadow. It is so beautiful and I think she channeled Pricilla Presley on her wedding day perfectly. 

Makeup by Fionastiles

Then we have Sophia Turner, that blue makeup look was perfection! So edgy and fierce with the frosty hair sleeked back, loved it! Could she be saying her last Good-bye to Game of Thrones Winterfell with this look? Hmmm lol 

Makeup by Georgie Eisdell

Next I loved Joan Smalls. The black sparkly wing liner and detailing of this eye look slayed! It was so different and risky, but in my opinion, payed off! So crisp and clean, how did Patrickta do it?!

Makeup by Patrickta
How amazing is this look by Patrickta?!

Last I have Darren Criss. Being a male, I think he took the most risk with this makeup look and I was here for it! This is the perfect occasion for him to get out of his comfort zone. It honestly looked like an art piece. The makeup coordinated so well with his jacket, it was refreshing to see a male with makeup. I 100% approve of this makeup look, bravo! 

The last category is what I like to call the wearable makeup looks. First is Candice Swanepoel, her hair was doing all the talking which is why I think Patrickta did the right move by making her makeup more subtle but boy was there a glow to it. It looked so angelic and breath taking! She was absolutely stunning last night. 

Makeup by Patrickta

Second we have Zendaya. How cool was her dress?! Her makeup was perfect for the Cinderella vibe. Although most people wouldn’t normally wear blue, I would totally wear this look for a wedding or bridal party. It was youthful and fun, perfect for her. 

Last but not least my favorite, hands down, was Camila Coelho with that hot pink eyeshadow! I loved this look so much that I had to recreate it using clean/green products. I am super happy with the way it came out! As a color lover, I would totally wear this during the summer to a pool party or club to add a bit of fun to the night! 

Makeup by Patrickta

This was taken outside with natural lighting.  Came pretty close right?!

Ecobrow in Liz
Lily Lolo Brow Duo in Dark Brown
Fitglow concealer+ in C3 to highlight/conceal
Fitglow concealer+ C5 to contour
Fitglow Lumi Firm to highlight
Clove + Hollow lip créme in Dessert Rose 
Osea Sea Minerals mist to set eye make & foundation


Which was your favorite makeup look of the night? Let me know in a comment down below! Remember to Dream Big, Be Brave, & Explore Life! Until next time healthy beauty!

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