Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BOQUETE, PANAMA: Lost Waterfalls hiking.

If you love hiking, waterfalls, and the country side, Boquete, Panama is the town for you. Located close to the border of Costa Rica and deep in the mountains of Panama, you are sure to have a relaxing and exciting vacation!

One of my greatest friends was getting married here and to be honest we weren’t expecting to do much because we thought we were going to be busy. We ended up having a lot of free time so we went exploring and there is so much to do!

On day one, after some googling, we settled with hiking the Lost Waterfalls. Funny story though, we forgot to bring cash along and when we got to the top we couldn’t get in because it was cash only! So we settled with touring the Boquete tourist center, which had a small museum about the city and eating at the famous Fresas Mary. They do a strawberry split that is super sweet and most def instagrammable.

My face of defeat because we had no cash LOL I did enjoy this view tho :) 

To give you a perspective of how small Boquete is, it's the little town in the distance!

On day two we went prepared with cash and hiked a smaller waterfall. This was a lot of work but so rewarding! It took about an hour to get deep into the mountains and finally find the waterfall. The trek was so beautiful. You could hear the birds singing, rivers flowing, and saw the biggest tree ever! On the way back we were even caught in between a monkey turf war! It was surreal, you can check it out in my video, click here

Biggest tree ever!

After the wedding, we flew back to Panama City and I got to show Johnny all around. We went to Casco Viejo, ate at Casa Blanca, and then finished the day at the Panama Canal. Although we didn’t get to see a boat pass through the canal because it was running late and we had a plane to catch, it was cool to show Johnny the Canal. If you’re interested in seeing a boat pass through check out my first time going to Panama, Click here

It was a quick trip to Boquete, Panama but we totally wish we had more time to explore! Although it is a small town, many people speak English and there is so much to do! We want to go back because you can swim in a river, go to a coffee farm, and even hike the tallest mountain in Panama where you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean from the top! We will def be back :) Remember to Dream Big, Be Brave, & Explore Life! Until next time healthy beauty!



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