Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Honeybee Garden's Nude Renaissance Palette Swatches Perfect for Fall

I can't believe how late I am to the Honeybee Garden's Nude Renaissance palette, but better late than never! This palette is a Fall must, hands down.  If you haven't gotten one yet, you need to do so after reading this post.
This Honeybee Garden palette has the perfect Fall colors.  Whether you like warm tones or cool tones, this palette has you covered.  The top row consist of warm colors that range from gold to orange to dark brown.  The bottom row are for my cool toned gals.  These colors all have plum/purple undertones that remind me on eggplant with a little bit of pink hidden in them.

My favorite row is the top because I tend to use more warm toned colors on my eyes since I find they work well with my skin tone.  Fresco is my favorite color out of all of them because I feel it can be used as an everyday shadow. Chateau works beautifully as a transitional/crease shade.  You can build up each color in this palette to your liking and they are very blend-able.  The pigmentation is strong and they feel super creamy, not at all chalky or flaky. I don't tend to use a lot of cool toned colors but I def love the fact that they have some shades in the palette. I can see my self using these colors in January or February when the holidays are over. Here are some swatches on my skin tone. They are clearly very pigmented and have no issue showing up on my skin.

Left hand is the bottom row, cool tones.  Right hand is top row, warm tones.

From top to bottom: Chateau, Venus, Fresco, & Adonis

From top to bottom: Juliet, Galileo, Utopia, & Ballet
  Overall, I love this palette.  It reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.  Although there are really only three similar colors, it gives me that deep red, brick, orange vibe.  I can see my self using this palette throughout Fall.  Come winter I have a feeling I will be using the cooler toned colors.  For my first look using this palette I used Chateau on the crease, Fresco all over the eyelid, Venus on the center of the eyelid to create a pop of color, and Ballet on the brow bone.

I would 100% recommend this palette to anyone who misses the Modern Renaissance palette or is trying to stop using that palette.  This Honeybee Garden's Nude Renaissance palette is creamy, pigmented, and screams Fall/Winter.  It retails for only $39.99 but I do have a discount code if you wish to use it.  The discount will give you 10% off your total purchase (Excluding sample sizes and quarterly Buzz Boxes).  The code is LIFE10 at check out.  All opinions of this post are my own so have no fear, I wouldn't lie to you! Will you be adding this beauty to your palette collection? If you want to see this palette in action check out my Youtube video below.

Remember to dream big, be brave, and explore life. Until next time healthy beauty! XOXO



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