Tuesday, November 6, 2018

3 things to do near Cusco, Peru in one day.

After spending time in Lima, Peru we started our journey to Machu Pichu.  We landed in Cusco and right away was taken to three different sights.  Moray, Salt Mines of Maras, and Ollantaytambo Inca ruins.  All just a car ride away from Cusco and can be seen in one day as we did.

As soon as we got off the plane the first place we went to was a local store to see how the local indiginous live.  We were able to see how they created scarfs, jackets, headbands out of llama wool.  They even thought you how they died each thread using different plants and herbs.  It was very nice to interact with locals and learn about their lifestyle.

The next stop was Las Minas De Sal De Maras located in Maras, Peru.  These salt evaporation ponds are located in the center of the mountains.  If you aren't looking for them you can completely miss them.  These salt evaporated ponds have been present pre-Inca times but were very difficult to get to.  It wasn't until recently that they paved a road down to the ponds for tourists to visit.  The road down is quite windy and you have to be careful with the big buses but the trip is well worth it.  The salt is formed into ponds by a highly salty spring.  From far away they look like honeycombs but once you are close you can see how they tier down for miles so that the water from the spring can slowly go down and create salt.  This salt is later sold by locals. It truly is an agricultural phenomenon. 

The second location we visited was the Moray Inca Ruins. This is located west of Maras.  The ruins are quite interesting because they form perfect circles.  You can walk all the way down if you wish but as Floridians, the altitude was getting to us at this point since we were at 3,500 meters (11,500 ft) so it was best for our health to see it from above since our bodies were not climatized yet.

The last location was Ollantaytambo Ruins. These ruins are quite impressive when you see them for the first time and gives you a glimpse of what the Incas were capable of building.   Located in the Sacred Valley this is a very touristy spot because it's were the Inca trail starts. The Ollantaytambo ruins were created for the Inca nobility, priests and used as a ceremonial center. It was here that you can see how precise and calculated the Incas built their ruins.  You are able to climb up and then walk down.  I feel that anyone could do it no matter, age or physical capability.  The view from the top is absolutely stunning and for the first time you understand why the incas built where they did.  They seeked tranquility and nature.

When I first saw this I thought there was no way it can get any better than this but boy was I wrong.  Machu Pichu 100% takes the cake. From here we were dropped off at the nearby train station to make our way to Machu Pichu.  Make sure to tune in next Monday to see why Machu Pichu turly is one of the wonders of the world. Feel free to check out my vlog on Youtube for more behind the scenes and information on this day trip from Cusco.

Remember to dream big, be brave, and explore life.  Until next time healthy beauty! XOXO


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