Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Nueschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Nueschwanstein Castle in the Bavaria area of Germany is probably on everyone’s travel list to visit.  I was lucky enough to go when it was lightly covered in snow and truly looked like Cinderella’s castle. To go up the Nueschwanstein Castle you have two options, walk up, which is free, or ride a bus, which is a small fee.  Lucky for us the buses were not functioning the day we went so we had to hike up.  The reason I say lucky is because it is truly a wonderful walk.  

Although I was definitely out of shape, it was still worth it. You get to experience nature and feel super accomplished when you reach the top.  There are two paths to go up and we went up the steeper one which is full of trees and since it was the fall, it was picture perfect.  The other route up was the road where the buses would usually go up. On your way up the hike you pass by little gift shops and places to grab a bite.  Once you reach the castle the views are simply stunning.  You get to see the valley below and since it had snowed the night before it was pearly white.  It kind of felt like Frozen the movie! 

The architecture of the castle itself is absolutely beautiful.  It is incredible how white and preserved the castle is.  If you wish to tour the castle inside, which we opted out of to save some money, you must buy your tickets at the bottom.  We made it up right when the sun began to set and the sun gave it this magical touch as it was setting, it was truly striking.  It was extremely cold when we went so be prepared and have warm cloths because the hike up is about 30 minutes. Parking is also not free so make sure you have cash because we didn’t and had to take money out from an ATM machine they have there. 

If you do go don’t miss out on Hohenschwangau castle and Lake Alpsee.  They are truly beautiful and nearby.  Have you visited Nueschwanstein Castle before? If so what time of the year did you go?  

Hope you enjoyed the blog post! Remember to dream big, be brave, and explore life! Until next time, MUAK!

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