Thursday, March 2, 2017

Scotland Road Trip Part Two: Glencoe, Invercharron Highland Games, & Durness

And so the road trip through Scotland continues. On our fourth day, we set off to go to Glencoe. This is where you really start to see the highlands. We first stopped in town for a wonderful lunch with the most wonderful view.  We didn't spend much time in town because we were on a tight schedule but this is definitely a town I want to spend the night in.  You can hike, ride a bike, and explore the mountains. I mean who wouldn't want to hike these amazing mountains?

Being the movie geek that I am, visiting Skyfall from James Bond's 007 was a must! And so worth the drive. This was our first one lane drive experience in Scotland. Anytime you saw a car coming you had to pull over for it to pass. It is scary at first because the roads can be windy but you get the hang of it. Anyway, back to Skyfall, it is located deep inside the highlands and remote. There were people camping out there! So, if you're a camping enthusiast you should def add Skyfall as a place to camp by the river. The cool part is it shows up in your GPS as Skyfall and can get you there easily. Once you arrive you can see the little sign letting you know. Pictures of course was a must. 

After this we headed to movie destination two, the Harry Potter train track! As a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I was super excited about seeing this. This is located at Glenfinnan Memorial. We arrived right as they were closing but the best part is that to get to the view point it was a FREE hike up the mountain.  It's a very short hike but can be very tiring so I encourage you not to give up and make it to the top because the view is stunning! I mean how beautiful is this and can you tell I was super happy? Lol

This night we made it to our Air BnB and what a special place this was.  We got to stay in this beautiful house that was from the 1700s.  The next morning, we had to visit at least one Scottish distillery, so off to Glenmorangie distillery we went.  This is def a distillery that is beautiful and small enough to get the local feel.  I highly recommend doing a tour here, I mean look at where it's located?!

Awesome Air BnB!

Glenmorangie Distillery
From the distillery we went to our first Scottish highland games in Invercharron.  It was one of the best experiences I have ever had!  You got to see locals compete, eat amazing food, and hear the Scottish bagpipers play their tunes with a view of the highlands as a backdrop.  The Invercharron Highland Games was truly one of a kind experience. If you're ever near by, make sure to see if you can make it.

Our last stop for the day was Durness.  I have to say this is by far, my favorite place in Scotland.  It may be the remoteness of it, the fact we got there during golden hour, or that there were sheep everywhere!  I fell in love with this town. There are no major hotels, so we stayed in a Bed & Breakfast.  As soon as we arrived we got to explore Smoo Cave and walk around the country side.  It's a city in the north coast of Scotland so you are right by the water. The views are simply splendid.  The feeling I got when I arrived to this town was bliss, tranquility, and homeliness.  Our host at the Bed & Breakfast made us feel so cozy and welcomed that I would love to go back and explore more of this little town.

This completes part two of my Scotland road trip. Make sure to read Scotland Roadtrip Part ONE: Troon, Isle of Arran, Mull, Staffa, & Iona.  I really hope you enjoyed it and maybe inspired you to visit this beautiful country.  Keep a look out for part 3! 

Remember to dream big, be brave, & explore life! Until next time, MUAH! 

Make Sure to Check out my Youtube videos to see more of Day 4 & 5 of my road trip in Scotland.


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