Friday, March 10, 2017

Heidelburg, Germany: A city I can see myself living in.

Heidelberg, Germany is a city perfect to visit in the fall.  It’s a city I can see myself living in hands down.  It is located 50 minutes south of Frankfurt.  The Neckar River flows through the middle of the city and it has mountains for hiking and biking enthusiasts.  The houses are beautiful and the leaves in the fall are to die for!  The city has great transportation for those who live in the outskirts.  Plus it has a huge castle in the middle of the city! How cool is that?! 

The earliest structure of the Schloss Heidelberg castle began in early 1200s, so it is ancient.  Throughout the years, they added more and more to it until you see what we have now.  The ruins of the castle are a great attraction to go visit if you’re ever in the city. But what I loved the most about this city was the fact that people were always so active, whether it be walking by the river, riding their bike up the mountains, or jogging around downtown, people were exercising everywhere.  

Have you travelled to a city where you can see yourself living in? Let me know in a comment!

Remember to dream, big be brave, & explore life! Until Next time, MUAH!

Make sure to check out my Germany video to see more!


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