Friday, March 24, 2017

Austria Winter Wonderland

Austria is what I call a winter wonderland! We were lucky enough to have snow while we were in Austria and it was perfect.  If you love to take pictures, a road trip in Austria is a must.  Everywhere I drove, I had to stop and take a picture. The best part is that nature my friends is FREE! So you can definitely spend less and see spectacular sceneries.    

Brand, Austria is a place to visit if you are a hiker in the summer and skier in the winter. We were on our way to a lake and just happen to get to Brand.  It was in between seasons so we couldn’t go skiing and couldn’t go hiking but it was gorgeous. 

On our way to Germany we happen to pass by the Rasthaus Zugspitzblick restaurant in Biberwier, Austria and the view is breathtaking!  You can have a nice meal, drink tea, and take in the view. 

Right before leaving Austria we came across Burg Fernstein Hotel.  It was overlooking a lake that had crystal clear water.  During the summer, you can scuba dive in the lake as well as rent a boat or even ride a swan.

Austria is a country that has so much to explore that you could easily spend 10 days and not see it all. Which place would you like to visit from these three? 

Remember to dream big, be brave, & explore life! Until next time, MUAH!

Make sure to see more of Austria in my YouTube video!



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