Thursday, January 19, 2017

Live The Adventure Summit: You are not alone in reaching your dreams.

Life is never easy, and many times I have felt lost or confused.  The Live The Adventure summit was a place where I felt I could be true to myself and my dreams, where there was no judgment and I was able to meet people who felt the same way as I do.  I created friendships with strangers who soon turn into brothers and sisters.  It’s a place where I didn’t have to be ashamed to speak my mind; a place where many are fighting everyday to achieve their dreams as am I.  It’s a place I was able to connect with like-minded people to create bigger and better things.   

Many times I’ve struggled to fit in or to get people to understand my dreams.  I felt that no matter what I did, I couldn’t get things to go my way -that my dreams are miles away, when everyone around me seems to have their lives all together. Sometimes I would begin to question whether I should even continue on the unbeaten path. However, I learned at the summit that I am not alone.

The summit allowed me to meet people who share the same love of travel that I have.  People who are fighting against all odds to live the life they want to live -who struggle between their day job and dreams -who are battling every day to reach the summit of their dreams. 

It made me realize that it is OK to feel this way -that I am not the only one who is struggling every day -that in order to fight this I must be surrounded with people who support me and understand me even if they are miles away. By doing this, you develop a bond that becomes unbreakable.  When you are feeling down they are there to cheer you up.  Find people who encourage you no matter how crazy that dream may be -people you can be silly, crazy, cry, laugh with and not be judged.  It is these people who most of all inspire you to never give up no matter how wild your dream may be.  

So remember no matter where you are in this big and scary world, know that you are not alone.  Know that there are safe places where you can be you. Surround yourself with people who encourage you, who don’t judge you -people who go against the current and are willing to pick you up when you may fall -who are willing to stand by you through failures and successes. Find those who want to be a part of this crazy adventure we call life. But most importantly, know that you should never ever give up on your dreams because the impossible is possible! Remember to Dream Big, Be Brave, & Explore Life! Until next time, Muah!

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