Sunday, November 6, 2016

Scotland Roadtrip Part ONE: Troon, Isle of Arran, Mull, Staffa, & Iona

I don’t think I have ever had such an official road trip like I just had on my 10 day trip in Scotland.  The trip was non-stop, every day, but I was able to see so much, and it made me want to someday go back for a round two!  On the day of our arrival we went to Dalrymple, Scotland.  This was a must for me and my husband since this was where we got engaged two years ago. Later, in the evening, we relaxed from our long flight in the town of Troon.  This town is too darn cute!  Our air b&b was by the ocean and close to the town centre so we ended up just walking around and enjoying the cool breeze and of course a cold beer at the local pub. (Troon Airbnb)

Where me and my husband got engaged two years ago. Church of Dalrymple!
Our Airbnb was actually that corner apartment building on the third floor.

On day two, our first destination was Isle of Arran.  It started wet and gloomy but ended bright and sunny.  We took the ferry with our car to the isle and when we arrived had a fun road trip to Machrie Moor Stone Circles .  It was quite the hike to the stones so make sure to have comfy shoes and cloths. The views are so beautiful and with the breeze of the ocean and sunshine on your face it will most likely be a lovely time. Oh and also, make sure you have their local ice cream.  It is delicious!

The third day was one of my favorites by far.  We went on a Three Isle tour to Mulls, Staffa, and Iona done by Staffa tours.  The weather that day was def not the best but it was the perfect excuse to wear my yellow rain coat!  Our excursion started with a ferry ride to Isle of Mull.  We didn’t take our car because a tour bus was waiting for us which took us to the boat ride to Staffa. The bus never stops so we didn’t really get a chance to properly explore Isle of Mull.  However, you see the isle change geographically quite a bit!  

Once we were on the boat to Staffa, we couldn’t see anything!  It was so foggy and misty the visibility wasn’t the best. It was quite magical though to see Isle of Staffa just show up out of nowhere! And what a beauty it was even with such a gloomy day.  This island is what I like to call a big kids play ground. The boat dropped us off and we had an hour to roam free, literally. I was in heaven! There was so much to explore, the cave, the top of the isle, from one side to the other.  I literally felt like I was 10 again running carelessly all over the place jumping into every mud puddle I came across with my rain boots.

The hour was much too short, and I do wish it was longer, but before I knew it, we were on to our next stop, the Isle of Iona. By now, hunger had struck and a meal was in order.  We took a quick detour to a local island dinner named Martyrs'Bay Cafe where I had some of the yummiest fresh oysters ever! Once we were refueled it was time to digest our food by walking around. The isle is only three miles long but it had one of the oldest churches I have ever been to.  Legend has it many Kings were actually buried at Iona Abbey.  I wonder who?

It came time to say good bye to Iona and the walk back to the boat was so nice.  The rain had finally stopped and the mist had lifted.  I was able to finally see how beautiful the water was.  It was so clear and had patches of bright turquoise water peaking through.  The houses by the ocean were truly like right out of a post card.  We even made a friend with a beautiful furry dog who insisted on planning fetch with a rock, ha!

The first three days were loaded with so many things to see that you might say, how much better can it get, but believe me, it totally does!  So stayed tuned for Part 2. To be Continued. In the meantime, check out my YouTube videos from my trip!


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