Sunday, October 30, 2016

5 Tips for Planning your Dream Long Distance Wedding

My husband and I chose to get married in Tuckaseegee, North Carolina at Castle Ladyhawke and before booking the venue we made sure to make a trip and see it for ourselves. We instantly fell in love with the mountains and remoteness of the castle; so without hesitation we said yes to the venue and that ended up being the only time we visited the location before our wedding day.  But it worked out, because our wedding couldn’t have been more perfect! These are the 5 tips I have for you when planning a long distance wedding in no specific order…

1) Check all reviews.
I can’t even tell you how many websites I went to and reviews that I read for all the vendors I chose.  I even incorporated social media in my research to make sure that the vendors were legitimate with a great track record.  It is amazing how much information is online if you dig through all the websites.  We were able to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Needless to say, I have no complaints about any of my vendors because they had countless positive reviews all over the internet. The more positive reviews the vendor had, the more inclined I was into learning more about them.

2) Phone Interviews are a must.
With that being said, once I narrowed it down to two or three vendors based on online reviews the next step was to email them and setup a phone interview.  You would be surprised how much of your deciding factor can be influenced based on a simple phone call.  My photographers were a perfect example.  After narrowing the choice down to two; I set up the interview with the first photographer. He seemed to be in a rush and not very interested in what I had to say, which made me feel hesitant, because I wanted someone who would make both my husband and I feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.  My second interview was the complete opposite. Once I spoke with Revival Photography, I knew instantly they were the vendor I wanted on my wedding day.  They were cordial, sweet, and actually listened to me.  The deal was sealed as soon as I got off the phone, and because of them I have the most beautiful wedding pictures to treasure forever.

3) Send lots of photos!
Pinterest literally becomes your best friend.  Every time I had to decide on something I made sure to send pictures to all my vendors.  Food vendor, flower vendor, cake vendor, table setting vendor, wedding planner, EVERYONE! And because of that each vendor was able to nail exactly how I wanted everything to look like. 

4) Get familiar with the law.
I can’t stress enough how important this is because we learned the hard way.  Make sure you have everything you need for your marriage license and what the steps are. In most circumstances, you will get your marriage license in the county that you are to be married in, not necessarily where you live. So, for us, we had to get our marriage license in North Carolina, not Florida and the requirements are different. Find out if you need a liquor license for the venue. Liquor license requirement are very different in North Carolina than Florida.  Do you need to do certain things at certain times because of noise compliances?  Some of these things we didn’t look into advanced and ended up doing them literally the day before the wedding which can be VERY stressful!

5) Consider vendor travel cost.
Our venue surprisingly was a very great deal! But little did we know our budget would go up 30% because of travel cost.  We had to bring in every vendor you can possibly think of and because the venue was so remote the travel cost ended up killing our budget.  So when choosing your venue, do some research and see where the vendors would be coming from so you have an idea of what travel cost you can expect. 

Looking back to a year ago, having a long distance wedding was not all that stressful because I made sure to look at all reviews, have interviews, and send lots of pictures! Just remember to breath, relax, and enjoy the ride because before you know it, it will be your one-year anniversary.


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