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The new Fitglow Spring Collection is to die for! Every time they come out with something new they honestly and truly nail it. I filmed a first impressions video of the new Sunny Days Cheek palette and new Lumi Firm Duo - Pop. Unfortunately the video for the lip serums got corrupted :( So I only have photos of the new Lip Serum Duo.

Lets Start with the lip serums (since my video file of this part got corrupted! :( ) The new duo collection is the epiphany of Spring. The colors Rosé and Kind are perfect for the season. Rosé is my dream come true, a pink sheer with specks of tiny glitter to shimmer beautifully on a sunny spring day. You can honestly wear it alone, on top of another lipstick or lipgloss to give you that pop of Color and elegant shimmer!

Rosé Lip Serum 

Next we have Kind.  This is such a beautiful orange, coral color but bright! It kind of reminds me of Koi but Koi is much more of a darker coral. I would say it has a hint of pink in there as well but the coral dominates for sure. The formula is amazing, as always. I find that for this color a little bit goes a long way because the color is so rich when you put it on.

Kind lip serum

The Sunny Days Cheek Palette surprised me the most from this collection.  The pigmentation is fire! I thought they were going to be sheer but boy was I wrong. They are so versatile that you can use them on the cheeks or even on the eyes as I did! I created this look using just that palette and loved the way it turned out.  It 100% screams spring. Check out my video to see it all unfold + live swatches.  

Sunny Days Cheek Palette

My favorite color is the Rosé Illuminating Rose glow.  As a shimmer lover you know this was a winner for me.  Shapely Shaping Bronze surprised me because when I swatched it and placed it in the crease of my eye it was super orange and I didn’t think it was going to look good as a bronzer on my skin tone but once I used it as a contour, it blended out so beautifully it didn’t make me look orange! Sunstone Sun Kissed Bronze goes a long way and is so beautiful!  This palette is so beautiful.

From Top to Bottom: Rosé, Shapely, Sunstone, Pop Lumi Firm, & Lumi Firm. 
The new Lumi Firm duo is always a fun duo and the color Pop is LEGIT popping.  The formula is creamy and what I love about it is because it is so bright a little bit goes a long way.  This product can last you forever.  Not only do I think you can wear it in the Spring, it is totally wearable for summer as well because it is so bright and vivid! Such a fun color and wearable even if color is not your thing because you can build it up as much as you want or only use a tiny bit to give you that flush look. The second color is the original Lumi Firm so if you want to give this as a gift to someone I think they would absolutely love both!

Pop Lumi Firm
Overall I 100% would say this collection is a winner! The colors represent Spring so well and they are super versatile, buildable and fun! Which product are you most excited about? Let me know in a comment! 

Make sure to check out my first impressions video as well.Remember to Dream Big, Be Brave, & Explore Life! Until next time healthy beauty!

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