Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tips for a Glowy Natural Everyday Makeup Look

If you’re an old school follower you know I love me some full coverage, glam, bam thank you mam kind of makeup.  But let’s be honest here, I don’t wear makeup like that on a daily basis.  I am actually a very simple, less is more kind of girl, when it comes to everyday makeup.  So here are some tips on how to look flawless by using less product.

1) Sunscreen is your skins best friend! Always make sure to put some on to help prevent hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, and sun damage.  Even if you work in an office, always wear it, every day. Hynt Beauty Sun Prep is the only sunscreen so far that does not feel oily or greasy under my makeup.  I highly recommend it.

2)A full coverage foundation can be enough makeup to make you look flawless and effort less.  Your face skin is your canvas and I feel that by adding a full coverage foundation I don’t have to do up everything else on my face. 

3) The brows give your face structure so don’t skip them!  This doesn’t mean you should use the finest eyebrow pencil or hard to handle pomade.  It’s amazing how just powder alone can fill in your eyebrows and make you look well put together.  My favorite eyebrow powder must go to Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo in Dark.

4) Concealer is a must but a LIGHT concealer.  Find one that can act both as a corrector to hide blemishes, dark circles, and can also act as a brightener.  I feel that a concealer makes your eyes look bigger and brighter.  Since we aren’t adding a lot of makeup, I def want to make my eyes look as googly as possible.  Elate Crème revealer concealer acts both as corrector, brightener, and is super light on the face.  My favorite for every day use.

5) Highlighter is fantastic because I place it both on my eyes and cheek bones.  I like applying it with my finger to make it less complicated and quick! After applying the highlight on my eyelid, I follow it with mascara to help open up my eyes and make them look big.  Don’t even bother with your lower lash line because the mascara will do all the job.

6) Cream blush is my favorite for that natural flush look.  Zuii Organic has some amazing colors and they are creamy to apply and dry nicely without leaving my cheeks looking greasy.  I feel like cream has a way of allowing your natural beauty marks to pop thru, thus giving you that natural look.

7) Lip glosses are my go to for my everyday makeup because I don’t have to worry about product getting on my teeth!  Find a lip gloss that is pigmented so that it gives you the final touch and pop of color the whole look needs.  Fitglow beauty lip serums are some of the most moisturizing, pigmented, and long lasting lip glosses in the clean beauty market. And incase your wondering, I used the color Gospel here.

Discover Found Foundation in Golden Medium 150
Olga's Organic Loss FaceTranslucent powder
Lily Lolo Eyebrow duo in Dark
Elate Cosmetics Creme Revealer Concealer in Buff
Discover Found Sculpt and Define Contour Palette for setting the under eyes and light contour
Lily Lolo Sculpt and Contour Palette highlighter for the eyes and cheek bone
Antonym Cosmetics Lola Lash Too Mascara

When it comes to everyday makeup I honestly don’t like getting technical or complicate my life.  The easier it is the better.  What are some of your tips and must dos on an everyday makeup look?  If you would like to see how I created this look check out my Youtube video for a step by step process. 

Remember to dream big, be brave, and enjoy life! Until next time Healthy beauty xoxo


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