Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hohenzollern Castle Magic in the German Black Forest

Visiting the black forest in Germany during the Fall is a dream to see.  The leaves are bright orange, yellow, and red every where you see. Add the Hohenzollern castle and it gets 10 times better!  The castle is one of the most visited in Germany and it is clear to see why.  It is absolutely beautiful and magical.  We were lucky enough to have gotten there right when the sun was setting and the castle was glowing.  To get to the top we rode the bus.  If you’re a hiker you can walk it up.

As soon as we arrived at the top it started snowing!  It was like a complete fairy tale!  The castle was built in the early 11th century but demolished in the 1400s.  The castle that is sitting on the Swabian Alps was constructed in the 1800s.  If you arrive early you can tour the medieval chapel.  They even have a restaurant for you to have a nice meal.  It is rather large and has some amazing views all around.  If you are ever close by, make sure to check out this amazing castle!

Remember to dream big, be brave, and explore life! Until next time, MUAH!

Make sure to check out my Youtube video to see more of Hohenzollern Castle.


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