Monday, April 11, 2016

The Start of a New Era Has Begun

2015 was a year of many changes and challenges for me.  From moving to Miami, traveling for my work, planning a long distance wedding, and then moving back to Tampa, GEEZ! I had very little time to focus on me.  So this year I want to focus on me, myself, and I.  This will be the year that I will pursue my dreams and goals. I spent so much of last year trying to get things done for others and trying to BE other people. I realized that from watching so many other YouTubers and Bloggers I wanted to be like them and was not being true to myself.  I tried so much last year to be sexy, flawless, sultry, that I realized that is not who I am. Yes, I enjoy makeup and find it fun but it wasn’t my passion and I feel that in life you have to find what ignites that fire within you and do it.  Social media can be so mesmerizing sometimes that you forget who you are as a person and what goals you want to achieve. I realized I was losing myself in wanting to be like others because I saw how successful, amazing, “perfect” their lives were and I wanted the same.

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